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    [All Japan News] All Japan Pro-Wrestling held a press conference for their upcoming show on June 30th at the Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo, Japan.

    The main event will see Suwama defending the Triple Crown against Burning’s Jun Akiyama. Jun Akiyama will finally get his Triple Crown title match after he emerged the 2013 Champion Carnival winner back in April of this year. With that win, Akiyama ha earned himself a chance to challenge for the Triple Crown belts against Suwama on June 30th.
    Suwama has previously announced that he would be staying in All Japan following the annoucements of most of the current roster leaving the promotion following the show. Suwama will be aiming to remain as the champion as he has taken it upon himself to protect All Japan in the future. Akiyama though has proven that he can defeat Suwama in the past and could very well lay claim to another victory in the blink of an eye. Suwama has stated that there is pressure in the high profile match tomorrow, but he is confident that he is full prepared for the match.
    Akiyama also reassured the press that he would be remaining in All Japan as well following the math tomorrow, regardless of the outcome. Akiyama is currently one half of the reigning World Tag Champions and he hopes to help carry All Japan into thew future. He will do his best against Suwama and he hopes that Suwama brings the same kind of fight.

    Yoshinobu Kanemaru will be defending the World Junior belt against Minoru Tanaka in what should be nothing less than a heated junior contest. The two have been back and forth recently and Kanemaru is fully aware of the various skills that Minoru possessions. Kanemaru is looking forward to the challenge that Minoru can bring to him and he is looking for a solid defense. Minoru Tanaka has stated previously of his intentions of following Keiji Mutoh and leaving All Japan, but he also says that he will win the belt for Mutoh’s All Japan.

    Both Kotaro Suzuki and Atsushi Aoki are fully concentrated on their on their defense tomorrow against Kaz Hayashi and Shuji Kondo as they are looking to keep the belts within All Japan. They aim to protect the belts and prove that their are the rightful champions. Hayashi and Kondo on the other hand have previously announced their intentions on leaving All Japan. Regardless the two have stated that they will be bringing everything they have against the champions and have stated their intentions to defend the belts as champions. Though not necessarily in All Japan, but anywhere they end up in the future.

    KENSO will finally make his return to the ring after spending the last several months away due to illness. KENSO stated that he is looking forward to his match against Go Shiozaki. KENSO believes that there is a lot of importance heading into this math and that he is looking to show something not only to himself, but to the fans as well. He is being reported as being healed from his latest illness and his lungs will have to be 100% if he wishes to withstand on the brutality that Shiozaki causes with his chops. Shiozaki stated that he will be showcasing what pro wrestling is all about in his match against KENSO, and that is something that the new president Nobuo Shiraishi has been wanting to see for months. KENSO of course has been publicly with that statement with Shiraishi, so this could become a must see match if that is their goal.

    Taiyo Kea closed the press conference and stated that the last 6 months away has proven to be a very good time for him in his life. Kea mentioned that division that was on the verge of happening and seems to not really know for himself what is really going on at this time. Of course he knows some of the minor details, but he does not know the exact details. To say if it is really a bad or good thing is something he cannot determine at this time. Kea said that he has no bad feeling towards or Mutoh or Masayuki Uchida, but he is very pleased to have received the offer to compete at Ryogoku tomorrow and will do just that. Kea spent most of his free time over the last 6 months in training in Jiu-jitsu and not so much with wrestling. Kea’s only goal at this time is to continue to keep Baba’s All Japan alive and to showcase the Royal Road of 90’s All Japan. Kea wants to show the spirit of Baba.

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    Below is the card for the upcoming show, the match order has still not been specified as of this time. Be sure to check back here on the tumblr page or the website when the results (and details) are released for the show.

    All Japan Pro-Wrestling “Pro Wrestling LOVE in Ryogoku ~a biding belief~”, 6/30/2013 [Sun] 16:00 @ Ryogoku Kokugikan in Tokyo

    () 3WAY Match: Hiroshi Yamato vs. Kazushi Miyamoto [Tenryu Project] vs. Hikaru Sato [Pancrase MISSION]
    () Masanobu Fuchi & SUSHI vs. Tamon Honda [Free] & MAZADA
    () 6 Man Tag Match: Masakatsu Funaki, Masayuki Kono & Koji Kanemoto vs. Akebono, Ryota Hama & Osamu Nishimura [Free]

    () Taiyo Kea & Takao Omori vs. Joe Doering & Yasufumi Nakanoueno

    () KENSO’s Return Single Match: KENSO vs. Go Shiozaki

    (-) World Junior Heavyweight Championship Match: [35th Champion] Yoshinobu Kanemaru vs. [Challenger] Minoru Tanaka
    ~ 4th title defense.

    () Asia Tag Championship Match: [92nd Champions] Kotaro Suzuki & Atsushi Aoki vs. [Challengers] Kaz Hayashi & Shuji Kondo
    ~ 2nd title defense.

    () Triple Crown Championship Match: [46th Champion] Suwama vs. [Challenger/Champion Carnival Winner] Jun Akiyama
    ~ Referee: Kyohei Wada
    ~ 1st title defense.

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