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    [NOAH News] Pro Wrestling NOAH held a press conference for their upcoming Junior Heavy Tag League, which is set to begin on July 14th.

    Pro Wrestling NOAH 7th annual G+ Cup Junior Heavyweight Tag League - Full Info

    Hitoshi Kumano
    ~ Said he is war of NJPW’s Liger and Tiger, but he will wishes to work hard and face against Ishimori & Kotoge in the finals. He will not let Harada-san down.

    Daisuke Harada
    ~ Harada mentioned that this will be his 3rd time in the NOAH Jr. tag league, but the first time with a new partner. He is not worried about teaming with NOAH’s young rookie and none of the teams they are set to face against. He also called out Genba Hirayanagi as one of the ones that he wants to face specifically. Harada looks to claim his first championship by winning the tournament with Kumano.

    Zack Sabre Jr.
    ~ Ogawa’s absence from the press conference, but it appears that there might be some strife with the team as a letter was read from Ogawa. It appears that Sabre and Ogawa might have had a following out here recently (or that is the way this reads to suggest) and Ogawa might not be in full support of their teaming.
    Sabre made no mention of any issues with Ogawa and aims to go on and win his first championship in NOAH.

    ~ A letter was read from Roderick Strong first, who was absent from the press conference. Strong stated that he is looking forward to his return to Japan and his first ever teaming with Slex. He said he will make best use of his experience and bring nothing but confidence as they aim to win the tournament.
    Slex stated that he is also confident in himself and that he will be bringing his best from Australia as Strong will be doing the same from America. He stated that he is looks forward to competing against Liger & Tiger and he will be representing TMDK strongly.

    Hiro Tonai
    ~ This marks the 2nd time Asahi and himself have competing in the Jr. tag league and he is looking forward to winning the tournament.

    Shiori Asahi
    ~ Asahi stated that he will do his best to win this years tournament, along with Tonai, and is also looking forward to the unique matches that will be coming about within the B Block. He then closed out by saying that he wants to go up against Ishimori and Kotoge in the finals and showing that his team can do more than just win the “technical award”, like last year.

    Genba Hirayanagi
    ~ Genba addressed Harada’s call out and it appears that Genba has found a new sense of purporse, or in other words a rekindling of his fire following his defeat at the hands of Onita almost week ago. Genba stated that he aims to reclaim the Jr. heavy belts, which he never truly lost to begin with.

    SUWA Jr.
    ~ SUWA Jr. had Genba speak for himself, as he continues to hide his true identity, but what was said did not pertain to the tournament.

    Gaston Mateo's thoughts were in writing, as he was also not in attendence, but he looks forward to competing in Japan once more.

    ~ Kaiser stated that he is looking forward to competing in Japan once more, and is looking to showcase the experience he has learned since he was last competing with NOAH in South America last year. Kaiser stated that he is looking forward to facing Los Mexitosos and Ishimori and Kotoge in the tournament.

    ~ Pesadilla said he is glad to be able to compete in this years tournament for the first time ever and stated that he is looking forward to facing Los Mexitosos and, potentially, Liger and Tiger during the tournament.

    Ricky Marvin
    ~ Marvin, via letter, stated that he is looking forward to competing in NOAH once more as he has been in Mexico for the last several months. Marvin stated that he is looking to reclaim the Jr. Tag belts with his “Los Mexitosos” partner.

    Super Crazy
    ~ Crazy is looking forward to teaming with Marvin once more and is ready for the tournament. Crazy stated that he is looking forward to facing off against Ishimori and Kotoge, as well as potentially facing Sabre and Ogawa.

    Atsushi Kotoge
    ~ Kotoge stated that he is looking to work hard as the reigning tournament champions going into the tournament and he aims to work hard for himself and Ishimori.

    Taiji Ishimori
    ~ Ishimori said his goal is to make it to the finals yet again and walk away with victory. As the reigning jr. singles champion, he already has a lot of momentum on his side, and he hopes to add another belt around his waist. Ishimori stated that he is looking forward to a potential match against Liger and Tiger.

    Then finally, Dual Force’s identity has been revealed as the former RONIN who has competed in AAA and Japan in the past.
    Though something to add to this is RONIN has always been speculated in being Masaki Okimoto who currently portrays Rasse in Michinoku Pro. Michinoku Pro will be holding their own show this Sunday in Yamagata, Japan (NOAH takes place at the Korakuen Hall in Tokyo), with Rasse booked to compete… So if I had to take an assumption here, Force might actually be Takuya Sugi whom him and Okimoto are both close friends, have similar styles, and it would be a way to bring Sugi back in to the business as having him 100% unknown. Though I might have just busted those plans…. sorry, lol.
    Force released his own comments outside of the press conference, as he was not on hand for it. He stated that this will be a “re-debut” for him under this new name. He aims to make use of the style that he has learned outside of Japan, and he will be bringing something new with him to NOAH. Force is looking forward to teaming with Pesadilla and using this time as a “stepping stone” in NOAH. He also seemed to have mentioned that he would be competing in NOAH more often in the future.

    Dual Force stats:
    Height: 167cm Weight: 77kg
    Originally debut as RONIN in AAA in 2010 and competed in Mexico until last year. He has since competed in Japan and France since his debut, but he will be “re-debuting” as Dual Force in NOAH.
    Signature Moves: Spiral Twister (Sky Twister Style Senton) and 450 Tuck Bomb (Shooting Star Press Style Senton)

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